Brookdale Senior Living & The Keep A Breast Foundation



This gifted artist has donated her time and talent to create a beautiful breast cast for the Generation Pink auction. A wonderfully creative art form has been transformed from a plain white cast to support stopping breast cancer. Brookdale Senior Living and Keep A Breast are sincerely grateful for this artist's contribution!


  Daisy McConnell  

Daisy McConnell has been exhibiting her mixed-media art in Western and Midwestern galleries and art spaces for the past decade.  She was born in Italy and raised around the world, the daughter of two artists.  McConnell is currently Assistant to the Curator of the Inter Disciplinary Experimental Arts Program at Colorado College.  She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her husband Patrick, daughter Ruby, and son Jesse.  

The act of making marks, whether in stone caves or modern studios, is as ancient as our human race.  The physicality of creating art in a variety of media connects me to the mortal coil of generations that have come before.  My subject matter ranges from organic body systems to feminine frippery, from domestic musings to animal mortality. It is the act of carving, scraping, marking, burning, and creating that connects me to an ancient memory.  In my work, I use ideas as the catalyst, often writing and incorporating my text into the finished work. I often reference disparate themes within a single piece, reflecting my interest in and research of a wide range of subjects.

My interest in Encaustic painting has evolved out of years of working in sculpture, printmaking, and mixed-media collage.  This ancient medium combines my love for sculptural textures, etched lines, and richly layered works and allows me a freedom I have not found elsewhere.  I work with heavy layers of encaustic (beeswax) medium, collage elements (both found and from my own body of prints), and dry pigments.




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